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What We Do For You and Your Property


Hunter Properties wants to ensure that each owner is a satisfied one. As an active member of the Better Business Bureau, our goal is to make your “landlording” experience as easy as possible by providing clients with personalized, professional management services, while maintaining the value of your important investment. Hunter Properties handles all advertisement for your property, showing the property, screening of applicants, paying bills/mortgages, issuing monthly and annual statements, scheduling maintenance, walk throughs, all tenant communications, and more….all included in your monthly fee!!


Hunter Properties conducts a thorough screening process for potential tenants which requires proof of income (we require 2-3x the rent to qualify), a credit check, and rental & employer references. Our application system allows us to check for previous Evictions and Terrorist Threats as well…all these services at NO EXTRA COST to the Owner.

Hunter Properties implements friendly customer service with each tenant. If there is any issue with the property regarding maintenance, community/neighbor issues, etc., we deal with each issue immediately. We have a 24hr. emergency answering service which dispatches the issue to ‘on-call’ persons from our office who can handle the emergency from home…all included with the Management of your investment.


Hunter Properties utilizes different advertising outlets. ALL ADVERTISING IS FREE TO OUR CLIENTS

1)    Our website  includes color pictures, a map, and more!

2)    Our accounting program lists your ad on 100+ different rental and real estate websites!

3)    Customized ad on with unlimited photos and information!

4)    An attractive For Rent sign with the Hunter Properties logo installed at the property!

With a proven track record and a well known name, Hunter Properties also receives frequent calls from individuals who regularly call our office looking for “just the right place”!


Leases are current with the Residential Leases distributed by the California Association of Realtors. We also include several Addenda, where applicable, to ensure the Owner is in compliance with all current State Laws (i.e. Lead Paint Addendum, Mold and Moisture Addendum, Pet Agreement, and Hunter Properties Addendum).

Hunter Properties usually requires a minimum one-year Lease with deposit equal to one month’s rent. If the applicant has an approved pet or minor “bleeps” on their credit, we require extra deposit.


Hunter Properties performs several different types of inspection walk throughs for each of our properties. An inspection is done once a tenant vacates a property and again before a new tenant moves in. This helps determine any damages to be charged to the previous tenant’s Security Deposit and also helps ensure the new tenant is moving into a satisfactory unit.

We also perform periodic inspections. Once an inspection is performed, we send a letter to the Owner specifying the condition of the unit and whether or not there are items that need to be addressed. These inspections are included in the scope of regular Management and are included at NO EXTRA COST TO THE OWNER.


Since Hunter Properties has been in business for over 35 years, we have acquired some of the most affordable and reliable vendors for maintenance and plumbing issues. Most of our vendors are licensed and insured and have been doing business with us for a very long time. Because of these long term built-in business relationships, Hunter Properties attains quality services at fair rates which are then passed down to our clients. We send 1099’s to these Vendors at the end of each year on behalf of the Owners.


The California FTB is requiring Owners who live outside of California and rent out their California property to pay State income tax on the rental. All Property Managers are now required to pay this income tax for these specific Owner(s). Hunter Properties has all necessary paperwork for you to comply or waive this requirement. Any quarterly tax payments necessary to pay can be paid through our office, leaving you without the stress or hassle! These FTB forms and any tax payments made are at NO EXTRA COST to you!!

The State of California is also requiring all single family homes to have one carbon monoxide detector on each level of the home no later than June 2011. Apartments, duplexes, etc. are required to have these same detectors by 2012.

These laws are often overlooked or unknown by individual Owners who manage their properties on their own. With the legal team we work with (see below), our employees are continually updated with all laws pertaining to rentals and property management keeping you and your investment legally up to date with all federal and state laws.


Hunter Properties deals with all aspects of Management in accordance to current State and Federal Laws. We are in continual contact with one of the best Property Management Law Firms in the Southwest Region. This helps us remain up to date on Laws pertaining to discrimination, housing, etc. We also use this Firm to conduct and perform 3-Day Notices and Evictions (when necessary) to guarantee that you and your property are covered legally from all angles. Advice from this Law Firm is at NO EXTRA COST to the Owner.


Hunter Properties carries Errors and Omissions Insurance.  This policy covers Hunter Properties for up to one million dollars in the unlikely event a claim arises due to the negligence or misjudgment on the part of any employee of Hunter Properties. Standard real estate business liability policies and property owner’s liability insurance policies do not cover the property owner or the management company should claims be made by a tenant for situations involving negligence and, or discrimination. Additionally, all Hunter Properties employees attend Non-Discrimination and Landlord/Tenant Laws legal courses.


Worker’s Compensation Insurance is required by the State of California for any unlicensed workmen who may go onto your property (i.e. cleaning crews, handymen, gardeners, etc.). All management agreements with Hunter Properties also require owners to have it.

Since a single policy can cost $1,000 or more, it is not practical for most owners with just one or two rentals to purchase their own policy. Therefore, we carry a blanket policy which covers all properties that are managed by us. If you do not have your own policy, we will automatically charge a small fee for us to cover you. The current rate is $14.00 per month per unit.


Hunter Properties uses a web-based accounting program specific to Property Management which allows Owners to freely access their property’s Owner Statements, bills paid out of the account, etc. Each month and at the Year’s End, we issue an Itemized Owner Statement and Cash Flow Report to inform you of the work that may have been done at the property and when rent was received, etc. Via electronic transfer, the program also allows Tenants to pay rent as well as sending Owner funds directly to their desired banking institution. This service is included with your Management fee.  


Please let us know what we need to do for you to join our team.  We’d really love to have your business!


        Member of the Apartment Owners Association of California 

Member of the Better Business Bureau 

Member of the NCSDAR

Equal Housing Opportunity